Aloo papri Chaat 3.99
Crispy wafers, Potato & Chickpeas finished with Yogurt - Tamarind sauce
Vegetable Pakora 3.99
Delicately spiced Chickpea batter fried Vegetables
Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) 3.99
Indian pastry stuffed with seasoned Potato & Green peas
  Dal Pakora Roti 9.99
Tempered split yellow Lentil curry with Pakoras
Channa Roti 9.99
Slow cooked Chickpea with Indian spices
Saag Aloo Roti 9.99
Spinach & Potato cooked with Tomatoes, Onion and Herbs
Eggplant & Potato Roti 9.99
Sauteed with herbs-finished with Curry sauce
Aloo Gobi Roti 9.99
Cauliflower, Potatoes cooked with unique blend of spices
Mutter Paneer Roti 10.99
Homemade Cottage cheese and Green peas
Saag Paneer Roti 10.99
Pureed Spinach & Cottage cheese with touch of Cream
Mixed Vegetable Korma Roti 11.99
Vegetables cooked in rich Korma sauce
Baingan Bhurtha Roti 11.99
Oven roasted Eggplant sautéed with Herbs & Green peas
Malai Kofta Roti 11.99
Cheese & Potato dumplings cooked with Cream sauce
Saag kofta Roti 12.99
Cheese & Potato dumplings cooked with Spinach Cream sauce
Shahi Paneer Roti 12.99
Cottage cheese cooked with Coconut milk & ground cashew sauce
  Chicken or Lamb Curry Roti 10.99
Cooked in special Curry sauce
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala Roti 11.99
Cooked with roasted Garam masala
Butter Chicken Roti 12.99
Boneless Chicken cooked with special Butter sauce
Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi Roti 12.99
Cooked with garden fresh Vegetables
Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo Roti 12.99
Tender pieces of meat simmered in spicy & tangy Sauce
Chicken or Lamb Korma Roti 13.99
Cooked in rich cashew based Korma sauce
Chicken or Lamb Madras Roti 13.99
Unique blend of Coconut milk & Curry leaves gravy
Chicken or Lamb Saag Roti 13.99
Boneless Chicken or Lamb cooked with pureed Spinach, Ginger, Garlic & Spices
Shrimp Curry Roti 13.99
Marinated Shrimp cooked in Curry Sauce
Shahi Shrimp Roti 14.99
Shrimp Cooked with coconut milk, ground Cashew nut sauce
  Channa Curry with Rice 10.99
Chickpea curry & plain Basmati rice
Butter Chicken with Rice 13.99
Chicken cooked in special butter sauce & plain Basmati rice
Chicken Curry with Rice 11.99
Chicken cooked with curry sauce & plain Basmati rice
Vegetable Biryani 11.99
Pulao Rice cooked with mixed Vegetable, Indian spices, Yogurt & Nuts
Chicken Biryani 12.99
Pulao Rice cooked with Chicken, Indian spices, Yogurt & Nuts
Lamb Biryani 12.99
Pulao Rice cooked with tender Lamb, Indian spices, Yogurt & Nuts
Shrimp Biryani 14.99
Cooked with marinated Shrimp, Indian spices, Yogurt & Nuts
  Plain Rice (Aged Basmati Rice) 2.99
Pulao Rice 3.99
Garam masala flavoured Basmati Rice
Raitha 1.99
Mango Chutney 1.49
Mixed Pickles 1.49
Papadam 1.49
  Kheer 2.99
Saffron flavoured Rice pudding served cold
Gulab Jamun 3.99
Spongy Milk balls soaked in Cardamom flavoured warm Sugar syrup
  Mango Lassi 3.99
Salt/Sweet Lassi 3.99
Soft Drink 1.29
Taxes extra as applicable
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